Baronesse by the Bottle

This limited-edition single malt is distilled entirely from malted Baronesse barley, a German variety bred specifically for brewing beer. Inspired by that brewing heritage, we used a Munich-style malt, which is more heavily kilned than traditional distillers’ malt to create rich, caramel flavors. 

Baronesse has long been prized by Pacific Northwest growers because it’s suited to our climate and grows plump, heavy grains. As local malting has returned, we’ve rediscovered the great flavor it was originally bred for. This single-variety single malt celebrates the resurgence of this heirloom barley. 

Notes of hearth bread and warm earth

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Photo of Bill Myers, and family, of Joseph's Grainery in Colfax, Washington. Bill is holding a bottle of Bird Creek Whiskey.


Baronesse is currently grown by Joseph’s Grainery along the rolling hillside of the Palouse. 

Bill Myers at Joseph’s Grainery prides himself on capturing the “terroir of the Palouse” with a mix of this rare barley and the unique soil of the Columbia Plateau. This barley produces a flavor unlike any other out there.

Bill's family has farmed land in eastern Washington for over 70 years.

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